Loyalty Programme

MYVS Rewards is a card-less Loyalty Programme from Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited and is open to all Indian citizens above age of 18 years only.

The programme is offered together with any purchase made at Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited outlets or www.agoanelectronics.com.

A member can also sign up for the programme at the outlet or by giving a missed call or by visiting www.agoanelectronics.com.

As the members’ mobile number would be his / her primary identification for earning MYVS Reward points under the programme, the member’s mobile number should be required at the time of purchasing or enrolling of MYVS Rewards programme.

The MYVS Reward points can neither be encashed, nor be transferred to another member account.

By providing his / her mobile number, the member hereby agrees and consents to receive communications through Text Messages & E-mailers from Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited, its affiliates & third-party contractors engaged in connection with the Programme (including Easy Rewardz) for on-going promotions, announcements, offers, coupons, new product launches and transactions (collectively, “Communications”) from Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited from time to time on the contact details provided. This consent shall override any Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings that may have been opted for by the member.

As a pre-condition, a customer is required to provide mandatory information including his / her full name, valid & active Indian mobile number and accept such terms and conditions as may be prescribed under the membership programme and updated from time to time.

Failure to provide correct information and / or registered mobile number at the time of billing may result in the reward points due for that purchase not being credited to the member’s account.

Post completion of transaction, any request for redemption of points will not be entertained.

In case, a member under the MYVS Rewards programme intends to unsubscribe from the promotional messages received under the Loyalty Programme, he/she may give a missed call from their registered mobile number. The member will be unsubscribed from the promotions list in a maximum of 7 working days.

In case, any customer who has unsubscribed from promotional messages, purchases products from any Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited store or www.agoanelectronics.com and intends to check and / or redeem balance points, will receive communication considered as transactional by Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited via E-mailers or SMS’s and pertaining to the purchase and will not receive communications of on-going promotions, announcements, offers, coupons & new product launches.

Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited will not be considered responsible or liable for any member correspondence lost or delayed through SMS, E-mail and / or any other mode of communication due to DND/SPAM and / or any other reason.

Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited reserves the right to terminate the membership on grounds of misuse, fraud or supplying false or misleading information to Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited.

Benefits derived from MYVS Rewards programme are exclusively for retail billing customers and cannot be clubbed with Special / Bulk / Corporate/ Employee programme.

Benefits of MYVS Rewards is for retail billing only. Benefits cannot be availed on Company or Institutional billings.

A MYVS Rewards programme member is entitled to earn 0.75% of the final purchase amount as reward points. Accumulated points can be redeemed at any Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited outlet at ₹1 per point by providing the registered mobile number at the billing desk.

Final purchase value will be calculated excluding any reward points that the customer redeems at the billing desk.

Reward points will not be issued on the value of points being redeemed by the member.

To redeem the MYVS Rewards Points, members will have to visit any Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited outlet. Accumulated points cannot be redeemed online at https://www.agoanelectronics.com.

MYVS Rewards points will be credited against the registered mobile number in a maximum of 48 hours of invoice generation.

MYVS Rewards points can be redeemed only after 48 hours of point being credited against the members’ mobile number

MYVS Rewards points earned would be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of invoice generation. If the same is not redeemed within a period of 1 year, such MYVS Rewards Points will automatically lapse.

MYVS Rewards points once lapsed or redeemed against a purchase cannot be re-credited or reversed.

In case, a member returns the product purchased by him, the points earned by the member for such a purchase made, will be debited from his MYVS Rewards account.

In case, a member has redeemed points that were earned from previous purchases made by him / her and later wishes to return and seek refund for such previously purchased product/s, the value of points that were earned on such previously purchased product/s will be deducted from his MYVS Rewards account and a refund will be initiated accordingly.

In the above scenario, if the amount cannot be deducted from MYVS Rewards account for any reason, the value of points that were earned on such previously purchased product/s will be deducted at ₹1 per point from the refund amount.

MYVS Rewards Points will not be awarded on purchase of Gift Vouchers / Gift Cards.

MYVS Rewards Points cannot be redeemed in the same bill in case the member intends to make a payment via Gift Vouchers / Gift Cards / Coupons.

Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited reserves the right to add, alter, amend and modify the clauses under MYVS Rewards programme at any given time without assigning any reason.

Management of Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited has the sole discretionary power / right to close MYVS Rewards programme and any other coupons / vouchers / offers associated with but not limited to the programme at any given time without assigning any reason.

Agoan Electronics (INDIA) & EasyRewardz Software Services Pvt. Ltd. shall be responsible for the execution and administration of the Programme.

A registered member needs to produce a copy of the bill in case of any discrepancy in point’s updating.

Any dispute arising shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.

These terms & conditions shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between these terms and / or any advertising, publicity and / or other material relating to and / or in connection with the programme.

By quoting his /her mobile number to Agoan Electronics (INDIA) Private Limited and/or any programme Partners, he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions of MYVS Rewards programme, and confirms that he /she is bound by such terms and conditions.