Kent Excell Plus 7L RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White)


Start a healthy lifestyle by drinking clean and pure water with this Kent water purifier. With a capacity of 7 L, this purifier is ideal for medium-sized families. It features the patented Mineral RO technology that takes your tap water through a double purification process, removing impurities and harmful chemicals from your drinking water.

Product Description
Get clean and fresh water with the Kent Excell Plus water purifier. With this RO + UV water purifier installed, you can stay assured about the quality of the water you consume.
Trendy Design

The Kent Excell Plus features a trendy design and can be installed under-the-counter or beneath the kitchen sink.

Double Purification

This water purifier, with its patented Mineral RO technology, offers double purification of RO + UV + UF which removes chemicals, impurities, and salts from the water and the TDS controller helps maintain the essential minerals and provides you with safe drinking water. It’s also equipped with filters like sediment, activated carbon, carbon block, UF, and post carbon.

Filter Change and UV Fail Alarm

The Kent Excell Plus 7 L water purifier is equipped with impressive features like filter change and UV fail alarm which notifies you to change filters when needed and signals you when the UV lamp becomes inefficient.

Suitable for Water from All Sources

Whether you get water from the bore well, tanks or tap water, with this water purifier you can stay assured about the purity of the water you drink as it purifies water from all sources, thanks to its patented mineral RO technology which adjusts the TDS level of water.


This appliance has 7 L of purified water storage capacity with hydrostatic storage tank which ensures pressurized supply of purified water even during power cuts or when there’s no supply of running tap water.

High-power 11W UV Lamp

This water purifier, with its high-powered 11W UV lamp, ensures complete deactivation of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

Fully-automatic Operations

The Kent Excell Plus offers fully-automatic and trouble-free operations so you don’t have to constantly monitor and intervene.

Voltage Fluctuations

This water purifier, with its built-in SMPS, handles a wide range of input AC voltage which makes is resilient towards power fluctuations.

Spin-welded RO Membrane and Leak-proof Performance

Thanks to its spin-welded RO membrane and push-fit components, this water purifier prevents tampering of the membrane and prevents leakage of water.

Body and Design

This water purifier is crafted from non-breakable ABS plastic and ensures durability.

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