Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier (Blue)


Ensure that you and your loved ones get access to clean and safe drinking water with this Kent Water Purifier. It takes your tap water through a 3-stage purification process to efficiently remove chemicals and germs from your water. It also has a UV lamp that helps in eliminating viruses and bacteria from your water.

Product Description
The Kent Ultra is an affordable online UV water purifier which can be wall-mounted so that there is more space on the kitchen counter.
3-Stage Purification

The water purification process for the Kent Ultra is based on a 3-stage advanced filtration process. It uses a combination of UV Disinfectant, activated carbon and a sediment filter to give you safe and pure drinking water.

WQA Certified

The Kent Ultra has been tested for performance and quality by the WQA (Water Quality Association) in USA. It has been awarded a Gold Seal certification which means the purifier complies with all the testing standards of the WQA.

Convenience Features

This water purifier has a unique feature called UV Fail Alarm. This feature sends you an alert to let you know when the UV Lamp becomes inefficient. The power supply to the purifier is cut off, ensuring that no impure water reaches the user. It also has a built-in SMPS that supports a wide range of input voltage.

High Power UV Lamp

The Kent Ultra uses a high-powered 11W UV Lamp to deactivate harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Durable Design

This water purifier is made from food-grade, non-breakable ABS plastic which ensures higher durability and longevity of the purifier. A food-grade certification means that the shell prevents any harmful chemicals from entering the water. It also has push-fit components for lesser leaks.

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